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Re: Seagate DockStar and power consumption

On Fri, Jun 10, 2011 at 10:55 AM, Stefano Marinelli
<postnet%dragas.dyndns.org@localhost> wrote:
> Hello,
> after yesterday's commits, I can confirm that my DockStar is stable. The 
> clock is running fine and the system is working perfectly.
> I've decided to do some tests and plugged a kill-a-watt like device. In 
> standby, with NetBSD running and a Sandisk 4GB micro cruzer usb device 
> plugged, it uses around 11.5 W. It's ok, still I expected a bit less from 
> this device. I've read great things about the Sheevaplugs using just 2/3 
> watts, so I thought this could be as good as the Sheeva. I was wrong. Anyway, 
> it's ok.
> I've then decided to do some more tests, and I installed Debian on the same 
> memory device. Same conditions, using Debian, the Dockstar requires 9 W. So 
> 2.5 W less than NetBSD. Is there anything I am missing or is it just that 
> Linux has a more complete power management?
> Asking the other DockStar owners: do you confirm this is the normal power 
> usage of this little jewel?

As for stability in general, I think it's too soon to say how stable it is.

I built a kernel after yesterday's updates, and I built it on the
Dockstar itself so that's good.

Under heavy I/O to the TDK branded 32 gig USB stick, the device lags
pretty badly. Seems worse than just I/O performance on the USB stick,
but I could be wrong.

Someone mentioned earlier that rsync would hang. I have this problem
as well. netstat -i doesn't show errors. It just sits there. I haven't
looked any farther into it yet. This is what I do:

rsync -avx --progress <localfiles> rsync://me@server/rsync/repository/

I wanted to try another USB network adapter but when I plug it in
there's no phy. I noticed that the kernel config file doesn't have a
phy associated with USB ethernet adapters for whatever reason.

I also want to do some power testing. I was going to install FreeBSD
at some point to see how it works.

Does anyone know if Gentoo will run from chroot with the kernel that
the dockstar ships with?


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