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Re: Pandaboard.org

On May 28, 2011, at 7:57 AM, Michael J. Zeder wrote:

> Hi!
> I wonder if there a plans to get a port running on the pandaboard development 
> platform? (pandaboard.org)

I have one and do plan on it.  But it's not as easy as the beagleboard was.  
While OMAP4 is similar to OMAP3, the big change is you need to support the 
interrupt in the cortex-A9.  

> This platform seems to me quite interesting. 
> On the one hand technological (and as a open platform) and also because, a 
> port for it may be a good starting point for the whole netbook, smartphone 
> and tablet sector (or does one of the current arm ports already fit better 
> into this role as a basis for this field of applications? - evbarm?).

PANDABOARD would be supported under evbarm.

> Unfortunately I don't have device coding skills - yet. If someone is 
> interested in doing stuff with pandaboard and netbsd, please let me know. 
> Maybe I will get into that and learn by doing.

If I only had the time ....

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