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Re: Some issues on Sheevaplug

On 23/05/2011 18:50, Ted Lemon wrote:
On Mar 10, 2011, at 11:05 AM, Dave Mills wrote:
kirkwood.c splits the high and low register up into two pics with the high
register pic being chained off the low register pic on BIT0 (MainHighSum)
this is incorrect as masking off this bit does not stop interrupts on the
high register from firing.  The correct way of doing this is to have one pic
for both registers.
You sent this patch to the port-arm mailing list a while back.   It hasn't been 
committed to the tree.   It definitely fixes the serial port bug (it works on 
the Dreamplug as well as the Sheevaplug, not surprisingly).   The kernel seems 
to work the way it did before aside from that.   So was this not committed 
because it's not a clean solution (I'm not qualified to judge), or just because 
nobody got around to it?

my patch has been submitted to cvs, its been tidied up a bit though so its not the same as the patch on the mailing list.


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