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Re: marvell kirkwood network timeout

Hello Jym,

-> I've some strange timeout with marvell sheevaplug soc. Many applications 
(rsync, ftp, scp, boxbackup..) get stuck with network timeout while sending. 
Cpu does nothing (no interrupt). Netstat -an show:
-> Proto Recv-Q Send-Q  Local Address          Foreign Address        State
-> tcp        0 228464      XX.XX.XX.873      FIN_WAIT_1
-> tcp        0 229912      XX.XX.XX.873      FIN_WAIT_1
-> tcp        0 227016      XX.XX.XX.873      FIN_WAIT_1
-> tcp        0 228464      XX.XX.XX.873      FIN_WAIT_1

Which version of -current are you running?  I experienced this issue a few 
months back but it was resolved, at least for me.

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