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Re: partial success: Seagate Dockstar


> I've managed to connect a serial console to my dockstar and debug
> what held it below multi-user mode.
> I'm using Jeff Doozan's u-Boot (with fall-back to the original
> u-Boot if no external device is connected).

I confirm success booting NetBSD on a Seagate Dockstar.
I used the original Uboot.

> - had to use an explicit root device (config netbsd root on sd0a...)

Does anybody know how to give root device from Uboot bootargs ?
I tried :

  setenv bootargs bootdev=sd0a

But it does not change anything...

SÃbastien BOCAHU

Please avoid sending me files in proprietary formats,
such as microsoft word or excel.
Please use open standards instead (for example, pdf).
Plain text is *really* appreciated !

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