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Re: partial success: Seagate Dockstar

Update on my Dockstar experiments:

- reboot doesn't work. It simply shuts down, the nothing happens until
I press the reset button.

- heavily reading from a "Freeagent Go 500GB" disk hangs the machine hard
after a while - no ICMP echo reply, no BREAK into DDB...

Tests with dd if=/dev/rsd0e of=/dev/null bs=BS showed this

- always after a short while with bs=32k
- once after a long while with bs=16k
- never with bs=8k or smaller power of two.

- only after a long while with umassdebug=ffff0000 and bs=32k
  This happened when I selected the console output in the xterm, but as
  I didn't (knowingly) use flow control, this must be independent.

- not with the Linux firmware. But as dd doesn't provide controlled bypass
of the buffer cache, who knows what really happens?

- not with the same disk connected to a laptop with only USB1.

I suspect a power problem.


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