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Re: Several issues on Sheevaplug


Thanks you for responding so quickly.

> On Tue, Feb 01, 2011 at 10:10:05PM +0100, Solevis wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Using my Sheevaplug and NetBSD, I encountered three issues :
>> - When I use the serial console for a long time, my Sheevaplug hangs up 
>> (nothing to report with OpenSSH).
> Haven't seen that, maybe a break on the console? ddb.fromconsole?
> Or, what are the exact symptoms?

Sorry but i don't know how ddb.fromconsole work. The exact symptoms is that for 
example when I list a repository using "ls", NetBSD stops the listing and I 
can't do anything. Nothing is responding. I saw nothing special in /var/crash 
and /var/log/*.

>> - I can't reboot correctly, NetBSD terminates all processes and then freezes 
>> at "rebooting..." (same issue with poweroff)
> I probably fixed that today.  At least the reboot part.
> I think power-off is board-specific.

Great news. Thanks you for your work.


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