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Re: marvell final patch

Hi! Lwazi,

From: Lwazi Dub <lwazidub%gmail.com@localhost>
Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2010 19:31:57 -0400

> > # By the way, DNS323 is not tested for a long time.  Is this necessary
> > # for us?
> It is important to me :) I will be testing this patch on DNS323 after
> I build userland. I applied your patch to the 201009240000Z snapshot
> but it had minor compile time errors.
> Here are the changes I made to force it to build.

Thank you for your report.

By the way, can you attach strtc(M41T84) instead of m41t80rtc?

  + M41T80  Serial access real-time clock with alarm
  + M41ST84 Serial Real-Time Clock (M41T80 with supervisor?, watchdog, RAM)


 g760a*  at iic? addr 0x3e               # G760a fan speed controller
 lmtemp* at iic? addr 0x48               # LM75 temperature sensor
-m41t80rtc* at iic? addr 0x68            # ST M41T80 Real-Time Clock
+strtc*  at iic0 addr 0x68               # ST M41T80 Real-Time Clock


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