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FriendlyArm MINI2440 on NetBSD

Hi again,

I have now fairly good (i.e., it works for me) support for the
MINI2440 on NetBSD with support for the following:
- S3C2440 UART
- DM9000 (MAC+PHY)
- S3C2440 SD Controller
- S3C2440 DMA Controller
- S3C2440 IIS Controller
- FriendlyArm 3,5" LCD Display
- S3C2440 USB Host Controller (OHCI)
- S3C2440 Touch Screen
- UDA1341TS audio codec

Currently, support for three things on the S3C2440 are missing:
- S3C2440 NAND Controller
- S3C2440 USB Device Controller
- S3C2440 RTC

I've also created a stage2 bootloader for use with u-boot, which
ensures that the value of bootargs is passed to the NetBSD kernel.
At this point I have only tested the code with the 64Mb version of the
FriendlyArm MINI2440.

All the code is available in a Git repository[1] and is based on the
netbsd-5 code base.
Progress can be followed on my webpage[2].

Questions and comments are more than welcome.


[1]: http://repo.or.cz/w/netbsd-mini2440.git.
[2]: http://xpg.dk/projects/netbsd-support-for-the-mini2440/

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