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Re: De-bricking Avila Gateworks with a JTAG programmer

On Wed, Apr 7, 2010 at 3:16 PM, Marcin M. Jessa <lists%yazzy.org@localhost> 
> Hi guys.
> I managed to wipe out entire NAND playing with my Avila Gateworks 2348-4
> board [1].
> If I understand it correctly I would need a JTAG programmer to load and
> store RedBoot loader in the NAND again.
> The thing is I never used a JTAG before; I know little about them and I am
> not sure what options I have.
> Googling I found I could probably use a JTAG device from gateworks wich
> costs 100$.
> But I like playing with different hardware and I'd rather get a JTAG which I
> could reuse with other boards.
> The Avila board has a 14-pin JTAG port.
> Would it be possible to use a JTAG device like [2] - [6] and reflash the
> NAND on my board?
> The TJTAG software [7] claims to work with [2] and support the Xscale ARM
> CPU of my board.
> But I really have no clue about JTAGs and would very appreciate any help...
> Thanks in advance.
> Marcin.

I think the best place to start is the gateworks mailing list. There
are more people there who know about your hardware.

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