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Compact Flash support on Avila Gateworks 2348-4 board.

Hi guys.

I have a Avila Gateworks 2348-4 board which is based on the Intel IXP42x series Xscale CPU [1]. I have managed to boot the evbarm NetBSD on it with NFS mounted root file system. Now I would like to install NetBSD to my Compact Flash but it's not being recognized.
I tried the IXDP425 and NSLU2 kernel configs with no luck.
My board can boot just fine with both kernels but the CF is not being recognized.
How would I go about enabling support for the compact flash?
Where to start, what to check... any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

[1]: http://www.gateworks.com/products/avila/gw2348-4.php

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