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Re: NetBSD 5.0.1 Support for the TS7200

>   - I am really struggling to understand how to build a kernel for the
>   TS7200 so if you had some sort of minimal procedure that would be greatly
>   appreciated.

You probably don't want to build ON the TS7200, because it's not the fastest
machine out there.

NetBSD actually has a pretty good cross-compilation environment.  Check
out the build.sh script at the top-level of the NetBSD sources.

5.0.1 has support for the extra DIO boards that are sold for the TS7200;
if you want support for the on-board DIO pins then that support is in
-current, and I have back-ported it to 5.0.1; contact me for more info.

There is currently no support for any of the ADIO hardware for the
TS7200; I have been meaning to write some, but I haven't figured out
what the API should look like.

If you're cross-compiling from MacOS X, you will need some changes;
you can ask me for those.


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