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Re: Initial support for the FriendlyArm Mini2440

Hi again,

I have been working some more with the MINI2440 board and NetBSD.
My patch[1] now provides the following:
- Support for the DM9000 PHY+MAC (16-bit transfer mode only).
- S3C2440 SD Controller (at least non-SDHC cards).
- Very basic usage of the S3C2440 DMA Controller (used by SD Controller driver).
- Some hacks to the S3C24x0 LCD controller driver to support
- Preliminary support for NEC NL2432HC22 3,5" TFT display (the timings
are not quite right).
- S3C2440 Touch Controller, with a simple averaging filter.
- Profiling support (had to replace __set_cpsr_c with an assemby version).
- Event counters to the S3C2xx0 interrupt driver, such that sysstat
can show interrupts.

The touchscreen can be calibrated using the tpctl utility due to the
HPCFBIO_GCON ioctls in the display driver.

Most of the code still needs quite a bit of cleanup, but I thought I
would share it to let people comment on it.

On a somewhat related note, I have successfully compiled and run the
Qt sample programs using the Qt/Embedded @ wscons patch[2] and a bit
of extra hacking.


[1]: http://xpg.dk/files/File/netbsd/mini2440-20100108.patch
[2]: http://mail-index.netbsd.org/tech-embed/2009/03/08/msg001123.html

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