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Re: Shopping for low-power ARM firewall SBC

>   I've also been looking at 
>http://www.embeddedarm.com/products/board-detail.php?product=TS-7300 which 
>really has more features than I need, but a more attractive price. 
>However, it doesn't have CF unless you buy a pc104 addon separately, but 
>then the form factors differ. It only does SD, and I'm not sure it's even 
>possible to support it in NetBSD (it ships as a blob driver in Lignux 

So, I have a TS-7200 (same CPU).  It is ... not fast.  That is an
understatement.  It might be okay as a firewall, but I'm not sure.
In all fairness, the speed is not an issue for me, and I do love the
power consumption.
You can get a PC-104 ethernet adapter from Embedded Arm, so using a
TS-7200 could work.

I believe Jesse Off had posted a little while ago here that he had used
the "fast Linux boot" to boot NetBSD (he didn't mention the exact
system, but in hindsight he was probably talking about the TS-7300);
might want to check out the archives about that.


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