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Re: TS-7200 INSTALL kernels fail

>I'm attempting to install NetBSD 5.01 on a TS-7200. It appears that the
>evbarm kernels up on 
>ftp.netbsd.org/pub/NetBSD/NetBSD-5.0.1/evbarm/installation/instkernel/ fail to 
>boot. I tried both netbsd-TS7200_INSTALL.srec and
>netbsd-TS7200_INSTALL.bin. For example, from the RedBoot on the TS-7200:
>RedBoot> load netbsd-TS7200_INSTALL.srec
>Using default protocol (TFTP)
>Entry point: 0x00200000, address range: 0x00200000-0x007f8dac
>RedBoot> g

Um, yeah.

You're triggering the gdb stub in RedBoot, which means that the kernel
is aborting, and pretty early on.  There is only an 8 MB contiguous chunk
starting at address 0x0, and your ending address is very close to that ...
I am almost certain that the BSS extends beyond the 8MB boundary.

A little while back I committed a change to the kernel config file for
the TS-7200 that trims a bunch of the fat from the kernel.  Sadly,
those changes didn't make it into 5.0.1.  If you're up to it, you can
cross-compile a new TS_7200 kernel with a bunch of the stuff commented
out you don't need (really, it's not very hard).  If that's beyond you,
I could probably compile you a new INSTALL kernel, but I'm kinda busy
right now.


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