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Re: NSLU2 won't boot 5.0

On 24 Feb 2009, at 11:43, Andy Ruhl wrote:

 When I
load one that just says "data" from the file command, it loads. I
think the machine isn't wanting to boot a binary with headers in it or
something like that?

IMHO that's not the problem. Redboot's ELF loader should "lay out" the code (and data) sections in memory and having done that, jumping to the correct entry point address should just work. I don't think the NetBSD kernel makes any assumptions about the nature of the binary image but
I could be mistaken.

You can find out what exactly the entry point of the ELF binary is (as opposed to the flat binary)
by issuing :

$ arm-netbsdelf-objdump -D netbsd-nfs-NSLU2_ALL | grep '^start\ address'

If it is different from the load address that you use with redboot's 'load' command then you must make sure that you use the entry point address with the 'go' command and not the load address. Redboot is supposed to indicate the entry point address of the ELF binary on a successful load and you could
use that ?

But hold on a minute, you say that you are able to load and run a flat binary. I though you said that running the binary was giving you mangled GDB stub output and telnet would disconnect, or is that a different
problem ?


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