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Re: NSLU2 won't boot 5.0

2009/2/24 Robin Randhawa <robin.randhawa%gmail.com@localhost>:
>> RedBoot> g
>> $T050f:00200000;0d:01ff2fec;#dc$T050f:00200000;0d:01ff2fec;#dc
> IIRC, that's a fairly typical mangled output from RedBoot's GDB stub.
> Something's gone wrong on the target
> and it's trying to communicate with a debugger on the host, I would assume.
> You might like to check whether 0x00200000 is in fact the entry point
> address of the binary.
> Can't think of anything else.

I think this might be related to the binary type. When I load a kernel
that shows output from the "file" command, I get that problem. When I
load one that just says "data" from the file command, it loads. I
think the machine isn't wanting to boot a binary with headers in it or
something like that?

For example:

This kernel won't boot:

> file netbsd-nfs-NSLU2_ALL
netbsd-nfs-NSLU2_ALL: ELF 32-bit MSB executable, ARM, version 1,
statically linked, for NetBSD 5.0, not stripped

But this one will:

> file netbsd-nfs.bin-NSLU2_ALL
netbsd-nfs.bin-NSLU2_ALL: data

Note that both get built if I follow Don's directions. I haven't gone
through the build process to figure out why I need both of them built.


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