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Re: NSLU2 won't boot 5.0

On Sat, Feb 21, 2009 at 1:16 PM, Luazi <embedpro%gmail.com@localhost> wrote:
> I will briefly describe how I put NetBSD in flash on my slug. This
> needs a redboot update as I mentioned before and we are dealing with
> flash so be careful.
> Because I work with many arm platforms I rename the slug kernel to
> nslubsd.bin.gz
> lo -r -b 0x200000 nslubsd.bin.gz
> fis create NetBSD4 -f 0x50400000 -l 0x00200000 -r 0x00200000 -e 0x00200000
> At this point NetBSD is in flash. Using the fconfig command I can save
> the following script in flash. When the slug is powered or rebooted
> this script runs and boots the kernel.
> fis loa -d NetBSD4
> go

Let me ask you a more pointed question than I did before.

This looks like you're loading a gzipped kernel into flash.

I assume you don't care about the stock firmware, so that gets
overwritten. Do you have the ability to reload the stock firmware? I
assume this might be possible with all the tools from the nslu2-linux

You mentioned also that you're using a NetBSD kernel to load another
NetBSD kernel, I'm not aware of how to do that. If you could point me
to documentation, that would be great. You also mentioned that you
might be doing this on a DNS-323, which is another device entirely.
I'm semi interested in getting one of those since it has faster

Sounds like you have this stuff figured out. I don't, I would be
thankful if you would entertain my newbie questions.



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