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Re: TS7200_INSTALL kernel problem solved - kernel too big!

>Thanks for this helpful advice. Actually I don't have a big problem
>with using Redboot but we currently have this problem with 4.0.1 and
>later not being able to run on the TS-7200. This is the problem I am
>trying to resolve and I'm not sure if a different loader will achieve
>this. There is an idea that it is because the kernel is too big for
>the TS-7200 but I have build a stripped down kernel but this has the
>same problem. Do you think a different load would help here or is this
>a different problem.


Did you try building a stripped down kernel for 4.0.1, or -current?  I ask
because I tested your stripped down kernel on -current, and it did not
work ... but the problem was recent changes to tsarm_start.S.  I reverted
those changes, and now your stripped down kernel boots fine.  So if you
are trying -current, do an update and I suspect that you will be fine.
Also, I suspect building that kernel config file from 4.0.1 source tree
will also be fine.


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