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Re: TS-7200: time sync issues

A P.S.  Looks like I'm wrong.  Looks like it uses tsrtc, which is a
mc146818 device, which has a dangerous looking mc146818_settime_ymdhms

        timeout = 1000000;      /* XXX how long should we wait? */
        for (;;) {
                if ((*sc->sc_mcread)(sc, MC_REGA) & MC_REGA_UIP)
                if (--timeout < 0) {
                        printf("%s: timeout\n", __func__);
                        return EBUSY;

also done at splclock() (which I think may be unneeded these days).
If the part takes a long time to reply...

This is an easy theory to test: add a 'return 0' to the top of that
function and see if the problem goes away.  We don't read the RTC
while we're running, iirc, so it won't hurt anything...


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