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Re: NetBSD 4.0.1 install on TS-7200

On Thursday 04 December 2008 15:19:41 Ken Hornstein wrote:
> >Try making the board issue the appropriate boot command itself via the
> >RedBoot "boot script" functionality, and connect a cross-gdb for NetBSD
> >arm-elf to the serial port. If you say (in gdb) "target remote <name of
> >serial port>" it should connect and recognize that string as a trap signal
> >packet. The timing may be important; I'm not sure how it reacts to any
> >garbage the redboot/TS bootloaders spew out before trapping...
> I will give that a try.  The latest problem I've been having is trying
> to get a cross-gdb build (I followed the instructions in src/tools/gdb6,
> but it somehow still build a native-arm gdb.  Still working on that).

./build.sh -m armevb -V MKCROSSGDB=yes tools

should do what you need.


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