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Re: NetBSD 4.0.1 install on TS-7200

>Try making the board issue the appropriate boot command itself via the 
>RedBoot "boot script" functionality, and connect a cross-gdb for NetBSD 
>arm-elf to the serial port. If you say (in gdb) "target remote <name of 
>serial port>" it should connect and recognize that string as a trap signal 
>packet. The timing may be important; I'm not sure how it reacts to any 
>garbage the redboot/TS bootloaders spew out before trapping...

I will give that a try.  The latest problem I've been having is trying
to get a cross-gdb build (I followed the instructions in src/tools/gdb6,
but it somehow still build a native-arm gdb.  Still working on that).

>If you get it to connect, you should be able to load the symbol tables 
>from a non-stripped copy of the same kernel, so you'll probably have to 
>enable full symbol table in the kernel config. However, if this is the 
>RedBoot GDB stub kicking in, the trap's probably in either the RedBoot or 
>TS bootloader, or in any case so extremely early that NetBSD bootstrap 
>hasn't yet installed its own trap vectors -- so the virtual addresses of 
>the kernel symbol table may not be a whole lot of help. Can you figure out 
>where it bombs from the kernel ELF headers and the PC reported by the GDB 

Well ... based on what you said from that gdb string, the address
reported by the program counter was outside of the range the kernel
runs in.  Unless I did my math wrong (always possible).  I'll see what
gdb reports, assuming I get it working.


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