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Re: How to build a monolithic kernel?

In article <20081203101900.GA21866%drowsy.duskware.de@localhost>,
Martin Husemann  <martin%duskware.de@localhost> wrote:
>On Wed, Dec 03, 2008 at 09:25:10AM +0200, Mikko Rapeli wrote:
>> WARNING: module error: Cannot load kernel object `compat' error=1610612755
>This is not arch specific and does happen on monolithic kernels as well.
>As soon as init opens /dev/console some wsconsioctl->ttioctl call happens
>and causes the kernel to try loading 'compat' - I have no idea how, and it
>probably is a bug ;-)
>The message itself is harmless though.

that's 0x60000013, where is that bogus error coming from?


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