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Re: NetBSD 4.0.1 install on TS-7200

>>> $T0a0f:348136c0;0d:48957fc0;#cf
>>> Any key presses result in similar garbage.
>> That vaguely looks like gdb gibberish maybe?
>Spot on, this is the GDB remote procotol. The above means:
>"Trapped on signal 0x0a, PC=0xc0368134, SP=0xc07f9548"
>(the bytes in the GDB protocol are hex strings in target byte order i.e. 

Ah-ha ... well, that would explain what I am seeing!

To answer some more of Simon's questions:

>That vaguely looks like gdb gibberish maybe?  Is the entry point
>same/similar for your 3.99.mumble kernel?

Well, the _address_ is certainly the same; I checked that.  Although my
3.99.mumble kernel is a gzimg kernel that runs out of flash.

>Out of curiosity, does the 4.0.1 normal TS7200 kernel at least load and
>start normally?  You mentioned that a 3.99.mumble works, but I didn't
>see if you'd mention that a 4.0.1 non-INSTALL kernel worked.

I forgot to mention that; a non-INSTALL kernel does work.  Under the same
circumstances as well; I load it in via tftp and do "go".

>Signal 10 is bus error in NetBSD -- I assume also in the RedBoot GDB stub?

Hrm.  So, if I were to connect to this via gdb, would it work?  I ask because
it's likely the RedBoot gdb stub and not NetBSD's, and I only have limited
experience using gdb to debug stuff remotely.

>I'm not sure what the difference is with the kernels built for flash 

When I looked at it, they were just compressed and had a gunzip stub so they
would fit into the flash.


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