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Re: Notes for Shark disk install

chriswareham%chriswareham.demon.co.uk@localhost wrote:
> I've just acquired several Sharks, and have succeeded in installing NetBSD 4.0
> and -current on them. The only problem I had was booting after the install. 
> The
> FAQ says to use the following to set the default boot device and file:

Dare I ask how many sharks? and are any spare, it's one of the arm boxen
I lack. :)

> setenv boot-device disk:\netbsd
> However, I found I had to using the following instead:
> setenv boot-device disk:\netbsd.aout

Yes, that's expected (even if it's mis-documented)  When we switched to
ELF a while back, maye netbsd 1.6, the /netbsd kernel needs to be ELF
for tools (systat, vmstat etc) to understand it and find symbols, so we
install the ELF kernel to /netbsd and the a.out to /netbsd.aout.

I'll look at updating the FAQ

> Just in case it's of use to anyone, my install notes can be found here:
> http://www.chriswareham.demon.co.uk/shark.html
> Now to try and get X up and running ...

People have managed it :)

Be aware that -current's X org stuff works with it yet though, although
any help to fix that would be welcome.


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