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Re: NetBSD on the Kurobox Pro

>> little endian (evbarm-el)?
>> Regards - Don
> Having received no answer on the endianess of the processor yet, and
> being the impatient type, I elected to go with little endian.  Is there
> a way to tell?  The processor documentation says it supports both.
The NetBSD port is little endian.
>> pci*    at orionpex?
>> pci*    at orionpci?
> Not knowing any better, I removed the comment from
>> #orionpci0 at orion? addr 0xf1030000 irq ?

Thats what I did for Dlink DNS323

> and re-executed the last build.sh line ($ ./build.sh -O ../obj -T
> ../tools -U -u -m evbarm-el kernel=ORION_NAS).

> Things appears to build ok, until it goes to link everything, at which
> point I get the following error.
> #      link  ORION_NAS/netbsd
> /home/hayford/net-k/src/../tools/bin/arm--netbsdelf-ld -Map netbsd.map
> --cref -T ldscript -X -o netbsd ${SYSTEM_OBJ} ${EXTRA_OBJ} vers.o
> ioconf.o:(.rodata+0x880): undefined reference to `orionpci_ca'

Try rebuilding without the " -u ". I know you are impatient - you said
it yourself. It might solve the problem.

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