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Re: Trying to get isochronous transfers for uaudio device to work with EHCI on NSLU2 USB port

On Thu, Aug 21, 2008 at 7:13 PM, Donald T Hayford 
<don%donhayford.com@localhost> wrote:
> The long and short of it is I'm trying to get USB audio to work through a
> USB hub on the NSLU2 (arm-xscale) device.  If I put the USB audio device
> into one of the two USB ports built into the NSLU2, everything works fine.

You may be way ahead of me on this one, but I had a similar thing with
a USB audio device on Windows. The documentation for the adapter said
that it didn't want to be plugged into a hub, it wanted to be on a
port on the machine. I haven't tried it through a hub yet. I was
troubleshooting another problem when I came across this info.


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