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Re: panic: pmap_map_chunk: no L2 table for VA 0xc0400000

Steve Woodford wrote:
On Sunday 04 May 2008 05:51:48 Donald T Hayford wrote:
moonchildren wrote:

But after a days work which I enjoyed  I got nothing but  a error
about L2  ?

This error is the result of the install kernel image being too large for the number of statically allocated (at boot time) L2 entries.

It was always my intention to make this runtime-configurable according to the kernel size, but I ran out of round tuits.

The fix is a simple source modification, but I don't have the details offhand. I'll try to recall what it is and get back to you.

Cheers, Steve
Meanwhile, if you'd like to go back to a version that I'm pretty sure will work (though I'm still compiling, etc to make sure), try

$ export CVS_RSH="ssh"
$ export CVSROOT="anoncvs%anoncvs.NetBSD.org@localhost:/cvsroot"
$ cd ~/net   (if you're following the instructions in the wiki)
$ cvs checkout -D 20080420-UTC src

I actually did this in a different directory (~/net60) to insure that there wasn't any junk hanging around from previous builds, etc. While perhaps not as self-satisfying as fixing some bleeding edge NetBSD stuff, you'll at least get to try it on your Slug.

Good luck,

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