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Re: Fwd: NetBSD driver for Cirrus Logic EP93xx graphics engine - EPFB

Hi Martin,

thanks for your mail and sorry about the addresses, the GMX address should do 
for now. (I wonder where the raphael.g-system.at address is actually listed, 
probably the port-arm list subscription - I need to change that some day).

Regarding the X server support, right now I'm directly using the epfb device 
through ioctl (see epio.h) with custom software. However, I think that X11 
support would be beneficial to be able to run X11 apps, but I have not started 
any work in this respect, yet. Please let me know when/if you start working on 

Right now I'm sticking to NetBSD 4.0 release, any (future) patches, etc. will 
most likely work for this release, then. When I switch versions I will note it 
on the webpage. A few weeks ago I tested to compile it against CVS HEAD which 
worked, too (use the diff for the machdep file), but I didn't run CVS HEAD so I 
don't know if the compiled kernel worked.

I'm glad the files/patches are of use to others, too.

Best Regards,

-------- Original-Nachricht --------
> Datum: Mon, 14 Apr 2008 19:02:10 +0100
> Von: "Martin Guy" <martinwguy%yahoo.it@localhost>
> An: raphael-langerhorst%gmx.at@localhost, 
> Raphael.Langerhorst%kdemail.net@localhost
> Betreff: Fwd: NetBSD driver for Cirrus Logic EP93xx graphics engine - EPFB

> Hi! I'm resending this message to a couple of other addresses since
> raphael%raphael.g-system.at@localhost is refusing incoming mail connections
> Cheers
>    M
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: Martin Guy <martinwguy%yahoo.it@localhost>
> Date: Apr 13, 2008 11:37 AM
> Subject: NetBSD driver for Cirrus Logic EP93xx graphics engine - EPFB
> To: raphael%raphael.g-system.at@localhost
> Cc: port-arm%netbsd.org@localhost
> Hi Raphael!
>   Many thanks for your 2007 work and page
>  http://raphael.g-system.at/tech/netbsd/epfb/ based on Hamajima's epfb
>  driver for the Cirrus Logic EP93xx range of ARM chips. Without those
>  extra bits it would have taken me much longer to get it working, if at
>  all.
>   The first results are promising: the display is stable at bit depths
>  at which the Cirrus FB driver for Linux is already jumping about,
>  though I see what you mean about the precise video timing issues.
>   Like you, I am now looking at getting the X server to run on it, but
>  when I naively build the X sets for evbarm, the X server (and a wscons
>  driver for it) are not built and xserver.tgz just contains the fake
>  drivers Xprt, Xvfb etc.
>   I regret I'm new to NetBSD's build system, if old to BSD itself, and
>  am still figuring out how the contents of each architecture's .tgzs is
>  determined.
>   Before I carry on banging my head against this, may I ask whether
>  you (or anyone else) has made any further progress on epfb or in
>  getting NetBSD/X running on this chip, and should I be using a CVS
>  stable branch or head rather than plain 4.0 + patches?
>  Thanks again
>    M

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