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Re: stray interrupts on PXA270

On Sat, 12 Apr 2008, Rafal Boni wrote:

I bet rtos is using the generic pxa2x0 interrupt code.. I see this same behavior on the XScale ipaq (pxa2x0) using the generic pxa2x0 interrupt code. It's especially a PITA on that hw since I'm booting from WinCE with all sorts of stuff already enabled, but not enough of a PITA for me to tweak the code or spin off a private interrupt implementation (I've been meaning to do that for other reasons, but haven't gotten around to it).


Sorry to jump on the thread, but is there any info on putting NetBSD on either an IPAQ or Palm TX (PXA270) device? I'd really like to have BSD on
mine, but I don't know of any references/web sites/projects to do so 8-).


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