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Re: stray interrupts on PXA270

Chris Gilbert wrote:
rtos wrote:
I get stray interrupts when I try to run a 4.99.55 kernel on two
different PXA270 devices. I did not have this problem with 4.0. I looked
at the registers and the "kernel" seems to be unmasking (in ICMR)
interrupts for devices that I do not have drivers for. Why doesn't the
kernel leave the devices masked until a driver says, hey, I need my

Sounds like a bug, it should default to masking everything, and only
letting things interrupt if a driver asks for it.

I don't think I'm seeing this on a zaurus (which is also based on PXA270)

I bet rtos is using the generic pxa2x0 interrupt code.. I see this same behavior on the XScale ipaq (pxa2x0) using the generic pxa2x0 interrupt code. It's especially a PITA on that hw since I'm booting from WinCE with all sorts of stuff already enabled, but not enough of a PITA for me to tweak the code or spin off a private interrupt implementation (I've been meaning to do that for other reasons, but haven't gotten around to it).


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