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Booting NSLU2 without using the serial port - Was Re: Problem building install kernel with ssh for NSLU2

Steve Woodford wrote:
On Thursday 14 February 2008 11:42:03 Donald T Hayford wrote:

Hmm, though reading this over I wonder if

config   netbsd   root on type nfs

might work as well.  I know how to set up the NFS root.

The following line:

config netbsd root on npe0 type nfs

along with:


will do what you want, assuming your DHCP server is configured correctly. For example:

host nslu2 {
        hardware ethernet 00:0f:66:01:23:45;
        option root-path "/client/root";

Cheers, Steve

That worked, Steve. Thanks very much for the suggestion. What this means is that we can boot NetBSD on the NSLU2 without having to do the serial port hardware mod. Maybe that will encourage some non-hardware-oriented hackers to try BSD.

If I get some time this weekend, I'll try to write up a few more details. For all of you out there that can't wait, change the NSLU2 configuration file as described above by Steve, and build NetBSD as described earlier on this list. Set up your NFS & DHCP server with the NetBSD files (even if it is a Linux machine, you can still set it up). Telnet into RedBoot (see the nslu2-linux.org howto site for information on how to telnet into RedBoot) and set the IP address of your TFTP server and tell the NSLU2 what file to load from the TFTP server. just like you would have using the serial port. As the NSLU2 boots, it will automatically look for the NFS server and use that to find the root file system. Before you boot the NSLU2, you'll need to edit a number of files in /etc to setup up the NSLU2 network address, enable sshd, and the like. Once you have booted up the NSLU2, you can mount a USB drive and install NetBSD to that. Then, build another kernel that uses sd0a as the source for root (change the npe0 to sd0a, and nfs to ffs in what Steve wrote above). From that point on, you can telnet into the NSLU2 to boot the new kernel that uses the USB disk for mounting root.

Thanks again,

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