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Re: Problem building install kernel with ssh for NSLU2

On Thursday 14 February 2008 00:31:52 Donald T Hayford wrote:
> I'm trying to build the install kernel for NSLU2 with ssh added to
> the memory disk, but I have an error I can't figure out.  I'll give a
> top level overview here that hopefully will have enough information
> for somebody to figure out - if not, please let me know what else
> you'd like to see.

I believe this is a side-effect of crunchgen's renaming of variables.

What happens is that some code in a *library* references one or more 
variables which are supposed to be provided by the application linking 
against that library. However because crunchgen renames all the 
application's global variables so that they are unique within the 
crunched program, the library cannot find them. Hence the link errors.

It is possible to work around this by using a custom Makefile which 
pulls in the library source _as_part_of_the_application_, but this can 
become very messy very quickly due to interdependencies.

Would it not be easier to avoid using crunchgen altogether, in favour of 
root on USB-Flash stick?

Cheers, Steve

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