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Re: Build error, NetBSD for NSLU2 on Debian Linux, Missing files in target checkflist

Donald T Hayford wrote:
To build NetBSD for the NSLU2 I have executed the following set of commands:

./build.sh -m evbarm -a armeb tools
./build.sh -u -m evbarm -a armeb kernel=NPE_NSLU2
(Note: NPE_NSLU2 is a copy of the NSLU2 configuration file, with support for msdosfs enabled)
./build.sh -U -u -m evbarm -a armeb build
./build.sh -U -u -m evbarm -a armeb release

All appear to have been successful except the last, where I get the following error message:

======  280 missing files in DESTDIR  ========

Files in flist but missing from DESTDIR.

File wasn't installed ?











Any clues? I don't remember seeing any "tests.tgz" files anywhere in the source tree?

Thanks for your help...

I'd start with checking you've got a src/tests dir in your tree. You may need to do a cvs update from the top to fetch it. Although you maybe right there isn't a tests.tgz anywhere. I guess most people are using cvs to track -current.


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