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Re: BlizzardPPC SCSI support!

On Sat, 8 Jan 2011 00:40:13 +0100
Rados?aw Kujawa <radoslaw.kujawa%c0ff33.net@localhost> wrote:

> I am pleased to present a driver for BlizzardPPC 603e+ SCSI controller. 

Congratulations! :)

> BPPC "+" model has 53C710 chip. This driver utilizes our MD siop backend
> and is mostly based on wesc.c (Warp Engine has the same chip). 

Indeed, the source is identical, besides the initialization of dcntl and
ctest7. It could make sense to avoid duplication of code and just extend
wesc.c to support the BPPC.

> Currently driver will try to attach to any BlizzardPPC - vendor 8512,
> product 110. Obviously, it should attach to "+" models only, but I don't
> have BPPC without SCSI. I see some solutions, but I don't like them:
> - bang the hardware and see if this part of bus space behaves like 53C710
> (seems dangerous)

Yes, not so good.

> - check serial number (will not work if someone messed with the card)

Do you know the serial numbers to check for?

> - we could just leave driver commented out in GENERIC

Maybe I would check for the serial number when this is safe. Those who
really messed with the card know what they are doing and have to build
their own kernel.

> I have no idea what will happen now if there's no SCSI chip, maybe
> someone will check and post the results ;).

Test results from a second person are always welcome.

> For now I tested this only on m68k. The driver does DMA transfers, so
> performance is fine, but this may be a problem on ppc. 

That's fine. So you can help debugging the DMA problems in amigappc. ;)

Frank Wille

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