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Re: AmigaOne X5000

On Mon, 13 Mar 2017, David Hopper wrote:
Don't be too sad, the Apollo Vampire 68080 "spiritual successor" to the MC680x0 line is imminent, works even in an A1000 and is apparently nipping at the older PPC cores.

That rocks. Thanks for pointing it out. FPGAs are really yielding some wonderful results these days. I have one of those MiST FPGA boxes that I've had loads of fun with.

I don't have a dog in this hunt (I've taken my A3000 as far as it can go), I have no idea how close to production it is, but I do find it an interesting project to follow.

What would be amazing would be a physical CPU upgrade for original Commodore hardware or better yet, a re-issue of the A4000 or A3000 with refactored hardware (or simply a new AGA-or-better 68080 Amiga).


But according to a few mentions in the forums, the MMU is very different from the traditional 680x0s and may be a non-starter for NetBSD.

Hmm, one would think that'd be a non-issue if it starts from a position of backward compatibility. However, I haven't done much more than open the web site. One factor that influences if NetBSD gets a port is simply "how interesting is the whole-product." If someone made an interesting computer system with that CPU, then it'd likely get a port if it was cheap enough for mortals to procure.


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