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AW: pkgsrc-2013Q4 packages for NetBSD 6

Hi John,

great to hear! 

Please also have a look at

These are my compiled packages for port amiga optimized for 68060 ! There
are some nice packages there:-)

Regards and thanks for your work

> Hello,
> I've begun compiling packages from pkgsrc-2013Q4 on an m68060 Amiga for
> all m68k platforms. Since this is a comparatively modest machine, I'm
> doing incremental uploads of packages once a day. They can be found
> here on ftp.netbsd.org:
> /pub/pkgsrc/packages/NetBSD/m68k/6.0_2013Q4/All/
> Note that the symlink for 6.0 won't be changed to 6.0_2013Q4 until
> we've compiled a decent number more packages. The previous build had
> 3,500 packages and we've only just begun, so we're only on package 58.
> Status can be checked here:
> http://www.ziaspace.com/~john/pkgstatus.html
> Thanks!
> John Klos

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