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Re: NetBSD 6.1 bootblock install problems


On 18 Jul 2013, at 8:42 PM, Howard Phillips Lovecraft 
<cass_amigaos%hotmail.com@localhost> wrote:

> I tried the latest 6.1 ISO for amiga, and encountered various problems ...

Could you repeat the whole installation process with a build of HEAD 
development branch?

Daily builds are available here:
http://nyftp.netbsd.org/pub/NetBSD-daily/HEAD/ under somedate/amiga directory

Just grab most recent one and try it again (with mini root image included 
there, it _won't_ work correctly with older). 

I vaguely remember these problems you describing were fixed at some point, but 
perhaps the fixes are not included in 6.x.

Besides, regarding missing utilities on installation ISO, the only real problem 
is missing correct loadbsd version (we're going to fix it). I'm sure this 
loadbsd version is OK for the HEAD: 

> My config: A4000D, CSPPC/060, 16+128MB fast ram, CV3D & scandoubler, X-Surf, 
> Algor.
> The only change from previous working configuration (many years ago v1.4/1.6) 
> is an IDE2CF  adapter on the mobo IDE controller (I`ve already successfully 
> installed WB3.9 & OS4.1).

Your configuration should be fully supported, with the exception of Algor 
board. However, Algor present shouldn't confuse NetBSD. Is there any specific 

Best regards,
Radoslaw Kujawa

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