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Re: Random SCSI lockup during start NetBSD 6.0

> If you do that, you have to make sure both halves of the scsi bus are
> terminated twice - once at the 68 to 50 pin connector. 
> If it's a simple connector, it might be intended to connect 50 pin
> devices in the middle of an 68pin bus.
> Easiest is, you would need two 68pin terminators at both ends of
> the bus, and connect your 50 pin HBA through the 50-68 pin connector
> *without intermediate cable!!!* to the 68pin cable.  (and not
> terminate on the mainboard!).


When I typed it all out yesterday, I thought I had an Eureka moment (happens 
the time just after I post a question on a forum). As I terminated the high 
in my SCSI-2 tower (the 50 to 68 pins adapters have active termination on the 
high byte) I realised I probably had to do the same thing at the motherboard 
side (so either a 50 to 68 pins adapter with high byte termination or an active 
68 pins terminator on the OTHER end of the cable (MB side). I was counting on 
that there is already a termination on the MB, but with an A3000, you never 
(different models).

As the current 68 pins cable only has 3 connectors (MB, HD, terminator) and I 
don't have any adapters (or cables) left of the F 50 to F 68 with active high 
byte termination type, I cannot test it out at this moment.

I'll let you know if it worked or not.

And then I'll ask you how to install X for a VooDoo3 card ;-)

Thanks for all the help.



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