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Using Zorro III RAM as swap space

Hi list. 

I've just committed the new z3rambd driver, which allows using Zorro III memory 
boards (like ZorRAM and the new BigRamPlus) as swap devices. This makes perfect 
sense in machines equipped with fast accelerators, with on-board RAM, where you 
usually don't want to use the slower Zorro III RAM. Raw (dd) performance of 
swap on ZorRAM is around 3 times better than swap on CSPPC SCSI controller. 

The driver is not very polished yet, and user is required to pass -p flag to 
boot loader - this option will choose highest priority memory segment for 
kernel (and not largest which is the default). If the kernel is compiled 
without this driver, user gets the usual behaviour, where Zorro III RAM board 
can be used as RAM (in some cases, there are known problems). 

Currently only ZorRAM is supported, but I'll add support for BigRamPlus soon 
(it's probably just a matter of adding vendor / product IDs). 

Best regards,
Radoslaw Kujawa

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