Subject: binary-patch X11?
To: None <>
From: ali (Anders Lindgren) <>
List: port-amiga
Date: 01/18/1999 12:00:39
I can't seem to change the screenmode (scanrate) of grf0, it seems
hardcoded to run in PAL (or NTSC, whatever) which -- given that my
graphics card recently died on me and me having trouble finding a new
one -- is a bit of a hassle: my monitor only displays 31-50something kHz.
Quiz: can something be done to make X run in AGA Multiscan mode rather
than PAL/NTSC, without patching the source (which I probably couldn't do
anyway) and recompiling the monster? I'm thinkning something like a binary
patch here, digging in manpages revealed nothing of a friendly way to
select displaymode in grf0.

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