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Re: pkgin not working when installing 9.0 RC2

"Ian Onthax" <onthaxian%consultant.com@localhost> writes:

> I hope this is the right address to give feedback with help testing
> 9.0 RC2

Thank you for testing.

It's fine.  netbsd-users@ woudl be fine too.

> I attempted to install Netbsd 9.0 RC2, and after installing sets
> wanted to choose to ssetup and install pkgin.
> It first fails because there is no repository for 9.0 packages on
> cdn.netbsd.org

True; the pkgsrc build boxes are currently configured to build for the
most recent and the previous formal release, which today is 8.0 and 7
(building 7.0 and 7.1 both, because of an unfortunate binary
compatibility problem).

> I changed the path to use the packages for 8.1, however this gives an
> error that libcryptoso.12 cannot be found.

So the good news is that your system install worked and you are only
reporting problems with missing packages!

The basic issue is that 8 packages are linked against the libraries in
8, not the ones in 9.  There are at least four ways to deal with this:

1) get pkgsrc (I would suggest cvs, and the pkgsrc-2019Q4 branch) and
build packages yourself.

2) As 1, but only  build and install "emulators/compat80".  Then the
rest of the packages you have configured should work.

2A) Hope that a NetBSD developer reading this has a compat80 package
that meets the (security) requirements for uploading to the FTP space
and just install that.

3) Install netbsd 8, and then upgrade to netbsd 9.  This will result in
the 8 libs still being there, and thus being able to run 8 binaries.  As
a bonus (for NetBSD), this will test the upgrade path on your machine.

4) Get the 8 sets, and unpack them someplace other than /, and then when
there's a missing lib, put it in place.   It's important not to replace
libs that have the same major version in 8 and 9, as the 9 version may
have more things and fixes.  This is sort of a manual way of building
a compat80 package without actually using a package.

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