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Re: Build a file with -m32

Martin Husemann <martin%duskware.de@localhost> wrote:

> CC32= ${NORMAL_C} -m32
> in Makefile.amd64 and in files.amd64:
> path/to/my/file.c compile-with "${CC32}"

That almost worked: the -m32 got appended to ctfconvert flags.
Here is the definition from sc/sys/conf/Makefile.kern.inc

NORMAL_C?=      @${_MKSHMSG} "compile  ${.CURDIR:T}/${.TARGET}" && \
                ${_MKSHECHO} ${KCOMPILE.c} ${PROF} && \
                ${KCOMPILE.c} ${PROF} && \ 

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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