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Re: Build a file with -m32

In article <20191108073907.GD15327%homeworld.netbsd.org@localhost>,
Emmanuel Dreyfus  <manu%netbsd.org@localhost> wrote:
>I am working on multiboot support for amd64, and I have a C funciton 
>to call from locore.S before we witch to 64 bit mode. After a few 
>experiment, it seems that calling 64 bit code from 32 bit code causes
>a lot of mess, and I would like to build the function with -m32.
>Any advice on how I could modify the amd64 kernel build so that a 
>given file is built with -m32?

For now why don't you put in Makefile.amd64

COPTS.foo.c += -m32


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