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Re: X11R7 on amd64: Undefined PLT symbol "_XGetRequest" (symnum = 99)

steve%prd.co.uk@localhost (Steve Blinkhorn) writes:

> This problem has plagued me since I moved to 7.0 on amd64 from 5.x
> on i386, and I can't get any traction on it from scanning various
> sites where the same or very similar reports are to be found.

Not what you asked, but 7.0 is old relative to the netbsd-7 branch (and
7.1.x), and unless you have an existing 7.0 install in
large-customer-facing production (doesn't sound like that :), you are
probably better off with newer.

There was an unfortunate ABI change in netbsd-7 between 7.0.x and
7.1.recent.  This has led to the need for 7.0 and "7.1" (netbsd-7
and netbsd-7-1 branches after the change) packages.  This is probably
not your problem.

Make really sure there are no extra/newer X libraries.   And that you
don't have modular X installed from pkgsrc (X11_TYPE=modular).

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