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Errors accessing Internal SDHC adapter and disk NetBSD 8.0_RC1 AMD64

Using NetBSD 8.0 RC1 AMD64 UEFI installer image on an intel "Z83-V" mini PC with an Atom processor and UEFI with no legacy boot support, so interested in UEFI booting.

While booting, and anytime the internal disks are probed/accessed (which is frequently during sysinst) I see man of the following types of messages:

sdhc0: cmd timeout error
sdhc0: cmd timeout error
ld0d: error reading fsbn XXX of XXX-YYY (ld0 bn XXX; cn 0 tn 8 sn 8), retrying
[...over and over with various values of XXX and cn/tn/sn...]
sdhc0: auto_cmd12 error
sdhc0: data arc error
sdhc0: cmd timeout error

etc., etc.

Booting without ACPI gave the same results.
Booting without ACPI and without SMC caused the kernel to be unable to determine the boot device and prompt for the root device. Cursor looks like it's flashing very quickly and I can't enter any text.

I can access other USB devices and install to them just fine, but would much prefer to use the internal 32GB.

Jason White

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