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Re: HP Proliant DL360 gen9 crashes when booted with ACPI

On Fri, Mar 10, 2017 at 05:44:58PM -0800, Konrad Schroder wrote:
> I have an HP ProLiant DL360 gen9 which works fine in 7.0_STABLE when booted
> without ACPI---except that only one processor core is visible. When I try to
> boot with ACPI enabled, it crashes just after beginning scsi probes[1].

This is a null pointer deref. If you build the kernel with -g, check
where the address in the uvm_fault line is. addr2line or nm can help.

> If I attempt the same thing in today's -current, it fails a diagnostic
> assertion in pmap.c, approximately at the same point in the boot process
> [2].



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