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Questions about NetBSD and modern server boards

hello.  I'm working on a project where we'll be building some new servers
using NetBSD-i386 or NetBSD-amd64.  We're  thinking of using the Supermicro
SYS-5017C-TF motherboard.  A reading of its specs suggests that all the
peripherals are supported by NetBSD-5.2, which is good, but I have a
question about the IPMI implementation.  Thor, who is copied here, wrote
about a year ago with a story about how it is that some IPMI
implementations have dispensed with the register-level emulation of serial
ports, thus rendering NetBSD's ability to talk to an IPMI capable serial
port as its console useless.  My questions are as follows:

1.  Does anyone know if the SYS-5017C-TF board's IPMI implementation
includes a working IPMI capable serial port which can be used as a serial
console by NetBSD?

2.  What modern server boards with IPMI capable serial consoles are folks
using with NetBSD-5 and NetBSD-6 these days?

        I apologize for the cross-posting.  I just couldn't think  of a better
way to catch everyone who might have something to say on this topic.

Any thoughts/suggestions folks might have would be greatly appreciated.


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