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NetBSD graphics and audio

Hello NetBSD people!

I was considering switching to NetBSD after noticing that the open source radeon driver on linux was good enough for me to be able to stop using the proprietary one. Seeing as it is open source I thought that maybe NetBSD has the same support.

So looking around I didn't manage to find all that much, it seems like the Mesa version is way out of date on NetBSD, which I assume includes the gallium drivers, possibly removing NetBSDs chances to become my new main OS for game development. Is there a (technical) reason why Mesa is so out of date?

The second part of it all is audio, does NetBSD have support for ALSA? I need to be able to use some ALSA based software (like ardour and jack etc) for my audio workflow. I also hope that the audio drivers are fairly on par with linux's, like for example support for USB audio.

If someone could clarify these things for me it would be fantastic, I am posting this to the amd64 list as that would be the port I would be running if I switched.

Sorry if this email is a bit hard to decipher, I am very tired :)

Best regards,
Isak Andersson

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