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Re: Does that work? Intel C204 PCH Chipset on /AMD

Le 21/02/2013 13:57, Markus Illenseer a écrit :
Hi there.

Are there any contras on running such a system (apart speed, the
server is for personal use)?

When compared to what? 32 bits?

More in the sense of stability, crashes, reliability. Does it perform
or not. Are there known issues. No comparison evolved.

Not to my knowledge. I would check peripherals though, you can have a working chipset and CPU but without a working driver for the NIC or HD controller.

Nowadays most 32 bits systems I encounter run with PAE, and when considering 64 bits or 32 bits PAE I would still prefer 64 bits. PAE support requires some hacks here and there in the kernel.

As for benchmarks 32 bits and 64 bits are on par. PAE is slightly slower.

Please answer with Cc to me, I am currently not subscribed.

IMHO the fastest way to check would be an CD/DVD boot or USB.

I don't want to buy the system and then find out, NetBSD wouldn't run
or does crash due to issues with the chip set.

Fair enough. Sadly I have no MB with that chipset, so I cannot really tell :/

The rest depends heavily on the application you run (I am not sure that 32 bits applications will benefit much from running on amd64, except that you may run more of them...)

Yes of course. I was under the impression, NetBSD/AMD is more stable
than NetBSD/x86 anyway?

There is no real difference. 64 bits has an added benefit though, you can run 32 bits and 64 bits binaries, while i386 only allows you to run 32 bits code. That will not affect chipset support anyway.


Jean-Yves Migeon

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